About AHA!

The Austin Hackers Association is a loose group of hackers and security professionals in the Austin, Texas area.

We have meetings! We also occasionally eat sushi, BBQ, and play poker.

Our meetings usually last anywhere from two to three hours, are in a public location like a restaurant, library, or other public meeting space, and consist of short "turbo-talks" from anyone that would like to speak on a topic for anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. There is usually a projector and screen if you wish to use a slide deck or perform demos. If you wish to give a talk longer than 10 minutes, please notify someone on the mailing list or before the meeting and expect to talk last. As well, if you wish to give a talk about recruitment for your company, come prepared to buy drinks/alcohol for everyone in attendance.

Participation is mandatory for continued membership in the group. What this means, is that to retain a subscription to the mailing list, and to not get heckled at the meetings, you must contribute to the group in some form. Potential ways to contribute currently include:

  1. Attending the meetings and speaking about what you're working on, what you're up to, etc.
  2. Participation in discussions on the mailing list.

Note, it is up to The Mobâ„¢ to decide whether or not you are participating enough, and if it seems that you aren't the heavy-hand of H D will come down upon you and you will be un-subbed from the email list and/or heckled regularly if you continue to show up to the meetings.

If you are from out of town, showing up to a meeting when you happen to be in town and then continuing to participate in discussions on the email list may be considered sufficient. If you are NOT from out of town, you will be held to a higher standard… likely being expected to speak at the meetings at least every other meeting that you attend or so.

Simply showing up to the meetings and hiding in the shadows or lurking on the email list is definitely NOT a sufficient level of participation.

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