Meeting: 2011 12 29 0x003f

Our sixty-fourth technical meeting will be held December 29th, 2011, from 7pm to 9pm, in a meeting room at Mister Tramps. See the Mister Tramps site for details on the venue. Here's a map — the bistro is on the northbound side of 183-N, between Lamar and Burnet.

Food and drinks will still be permissible at the meeting, provided you purchase said food and drink from Mister Tramps.

Speaker Notes

  • todb talked about DuckDuckGo, and abusing it as a password hash finder. His lame module is here and should never be used again.
  • javery talked about group encryption, his Prezi is here Unlike todb's talk, his stuff should be used.
  • jduck talked about Metaploit Autload. His Git repo is here. Its use is debatable :).
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