Meeting: 2010.06.30 0x002d

Our forty-sixth technical meeting was held June 30th, 2010, from 7pm to 9pm, in a meeting room at Mangia. Mangia is located at 8012 Mesa Dr, Austin, Texas (map).

Food and drinks are permissible at the meeting, provided you purchase said food and drink from Mangia.

Speaker Notes

Nate (d2checksum)

This month I spoke about the Diablo 2 saved game file checksum. This checksum is used to protect the saved character file that stores all of our game information such as completed quests and also character info like level, money, items, etc. Before you can modify the file you'll have to be able to compute the final checksum. The following is initial PoC work I did in preparation for future D2 projects and eventual D3 work.


Preso on Quantum Computing. In a nutshell quantum computers will r00l teh w0rld!!! Also everyone agreed my laptop must be some sort of quantum computer in order to have produced such a flashy presentation. A few made requests for the slides. They are linked to this page in the files link.

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