Meeting: 2007.11.28 0x000e

Our fifteenth technical meeting will be held November 28th, 2007, from 7pm to 9pm, in a meeting room at Mangia. Mangia is located at 8012 Mesa Dr, Austin, Texas (map).

Food and drinks are permissible at the meeting, provided you purchase said food and drink from Mangia.

Speaker Notes


This month I gave an overview of ZRTP and Zfone, which provides a method for keying SRTP sessions.

Slides: HTML | PDF | Flash

Travis H.

I spoke on the Dynamic Firewall Daemon, which basically updates your firewall rules on the fly. This is useful for reacting to network events such as malicious activity detected by NIDS, port knocking and SPA packets, and so on. This is the result of at least a year of tinkering, more like two. On the day of the talk I actually got it to compile and install cleanly as an OpenBSD port. Here's the paper:

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