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Our seventh technical meeting will be held Mar. 28th, 2007, from 7pm to 9pm, in the Central Market Community Room. Central Market is located at 4001 North Lamar, Austin, Texas (map)

Food and drinks (non-alcoholic) is permissible at the meeting, provided you purchase said food and drink from Central Market.

Speaker Notes

aaron portnoy

I showed off a cool little 0day and possible exploitation methods for some Ipswitch stuff. I'm not going to disclose details here, but if we ever need t-shirt money perhaps we could pawn this one off…


I spoke for a few moments about the projects that I am currently (not so) hard at work on:

1) Mobile Agents (presented about a few months ago): The code I had on my laptop was broken because of some features I added, but next time I should be able to give a demo. I tracked down and fixed all the bugs this evening…bummer though.

2) Mentioned some work I am doing with Pai-Mei. I have some basic functions to explode and manipulate a static (string) disassembly dumps after a pida analysis. I need to put together some glue code and logic, and then I should be able to identify basic information and then comment and report on it at a high level. Right now, everything is fairly primitive though :-)

cody pierce / aaron portnoy

We outlined a project we are working on that allows a researcher to discover, generate, and parse IDL files to generate python objects. Combined with Impacket from Core, this allows a researcher to quickly be able to communicate with previously unwieldy RPC endpoints.


I described a protocol and reference implementation I'm working on to provide a full-duplex steganographic communications channel within the payload of the RTP protocol. I won't be releasing the slide deck I used as it is a work-in-progress for a full presentation covering the final product which I will give at a later date. My goal was to solicit feedback while I'm still in development.

Dalton Cummings

I spoke about a PHP vulnerability scanner project I did last summer(summer of '06). Not very complicated, but it offered user extendability, and even offered notes on how to improve it.

Cheap Static PHP Source Code Analysis

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