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Our second technical meeting was held Sept. 27th, 2006, at the Austin Public Library, Old Quarry Branch, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. APL Old Quarry is located at 7051 Village Center, Austin, Texas 78731 (map)

Pizza and sodas for the meeting were sponsored by CAU.

Speaker Notes

Aaron Portnoy

I presented on a means by which to discover all possible paths from a source address to a destination in a dissassembly. My script will output an IDC file that will color the basic block nodes in IDA so that you may easily distinguish the path. This technique has proven useful for finding both original bugs and alternate exploitation vectors for existing vulnerabilities.

Follow the Red Brick Road (automated disassembly path discovery)
Slides: PPT


I spoke on Sender Policy Framework for e-mail (SPF)
Slides: HTML | PDF | Flash


I presented an exploit I wrote of an opensource Mac app called Bonsoir. The exploit project is called BoneSaw.
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BoneSaw XCode Project: []
Bonsoir Patch: []
Bonsoir Site: []

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